2022 Classes

Sunny Lane Canine Academy offers dog-friendly classes, using positive reinforcement methods. Classes are offered at different locations in the Skagit Valley. All training classes are fun, affordable. and effective. For the health and safety of all dogs, proof of vaccinations is required. Dogs attending classes must be healthy and on a flea control program. Obedience certificates will be given to each dog that successfully completes each course. NOTE: Classes are limited to 5 dogs, each with 2 humans at this time. Classes may be postponed to a later date to reach a minimum registration requirement of 5 dogs.

Children 10 years and older may attend classes and social events.

For proposed dates and times of the next class, please see our Calendar.



If you need to cancel, please call 1-360-856-5631 at least 24 hours in advance to be eligible for a refund.


Class Descriptions and Pricing

Please click on the links below to see the details of each class. At the bottom of this screen, you will find a payment form, or you can use the Make a Payment option from the Master Menu.

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Beginner - Puppy Boot Camp and Support Group
Puppies 12 weeks to 10 months* will learn doggie social skills, good manners, and basic commands including: sit, down, stay, leave it, give it, wait at door, come when called, leash walking and much more. Hand signals and verbal commands will be taught. Owners will learn how to handle jumping, nipping, and biting. Learn the best potty training techniques as well as the most effective and humane ways to stop bad habits from setting in. Puppies will have fun doing confidence building exercises like tunnel runs and “walking the plank”. There are puppy social sessions at the end of each class. Clicker use is optional.

*Please note, some classes are designated for small breed puppies and other large breed puppies. There will also be some classes for older, larger pups between 8 and 12 months.

Class size limited to 5 puppies. 5 weeks, $125

Beginner - Basic Training
Doggies 10 months and older, with no prior obedience training, will be taught basic skills like sit, down, leave-it, stay, come when called, wait at door, loose-leash walking, and heel. Hand signals and verbal commands are taught. We will also work on any existing behavioral problems like barking, digging, and jumping. This is a good class for the adopted shelter dog or older dog who needs some stimulation or a refresher course. This class is not appropriate for severely reactive or aggressive dogs. Clicker use is optional.

Class size limited to 5 dogs. 5 weeks, $125

Intermediate - Doggie Middle School
Does your dog school graduate need a little more “polish”? If your once well-behaved dog has become sloppy in his behavior, this 3-week refresher course may get your both back on track again. This class is perfect for adolescent dogs, or even older dogs that need some extra stimulation in their lives. We will review how to get dog and owner to work together as a team. There will be practice on recall, leash walking, focus, and handling techniques. We will introduce target stick training and demonstrate non-verbal ways to communicate with your best friend. Plus there is dancing! Your dog wants to come back to school!

Class size limited to 5 dogs, 3 weeks. $75

Senior or Intermediate - Young at Heart
This 3-week course was designed for previously trained dogs, 7 years or older, who need a little refresher and some one-on-one time with their beloved owners. We all need a little bit of stimulation and excitement in our lives. We sometimes forget that our older trained dogs still love to work with us and learn new things. We will work with games, music, and movement to rekindle that old relationship. You will see a new bounce in the step of your older best friend.

Class size limited to 5 dogs. 3 weeks, $65.00

Advanced - Beyond Basic Training
This class is offered for well-socialized dogs that have completed at least one obedience class. Your dog will improve existing skills and learn some new ones through a series of fun and stimulating exercises. This class focuses on distance, duration, distraction, and teamwork. Most exercises are conducted off-leash and with multiple dogs. Learn advanced clicker techniques and how to use a target stick. There will be a little agility, some new tricks and games, a little dancing, and a lot of fun in this class. Clicker optional, but encouraged.

Class size limited to 5 dogs. 5 weeks, $130

All Stages - Doggie Tune-Up
The Doggie Tune-Up is offered for all levels of Sunny Lane Alumni. This monthly workshop is designed as a “refresher” course for dog owners who have taken their dogs through a basic dog obedience class. The focus will be on improving existing skills and keeping up on doggie social skills. There will be group exercises and always a few surprises.

This workshop will start again in the May timeframe and will be offered once a month.

Class size limited to 5 dogs. 90 minutes, $25

ALL STAGES - Private Lessons • Troubleshooting
Private and family lessons can be arranged. Children younger than 10 are allowed in these lessons. If your pooch is dog aggressive, people shy, or excitable, you may choose private lessons over a training course.

Private lessons are $75.00 per session at Sunny Lane Canine Academy. Most lessons run between 70-90 minutes. In-home, local visits may also available for a small additional charge. You are welcome to take notes, record or take video of the lessons. Written lesson plans are available for a $25 additional charge.

Doggie Social Clubs • Reservations Required
The popular Doggie Social Clubs will be held at Sunny Lane Canine Academy in Sedro Woolley. Dates and times for these events will be available on our Sunny Lane Calendar. Social events will be offered between Mid-April and October. See also, Doggie Social Clubs.

Little Dogs: 20 lbs. and under.
Little Dog Socials are held rain or shine at Sunny Lane. For dates and times, see our Calendar.  Make a reservation for the Little Dog Social by email or text to 1-360-856-5631. Please include date.

Big Dogs: 20+ lbs. and under 1 year, or
Big Dogs: 20+ lbs. and over 1 year
Big Dog Socials at Sunny Lane will be canceled in case of rain or when the temperature is over 85 degrees. Confirmation will be on Sunny Lane voicemail: 1-360-856-5631. For dates and times, see our Calendar.  Make a reservation for the Big Dog Social by email or text to 1-360-856-5631. Please include date.

$10 per doggie household

Other Offerings
Mango CGCIn addition to the classes and events listed above, we also offer a number of workshops, seminars, and theme parties during the year. These events will be posted on the Sunny Lane Calendar and announced on the Sunny Lane Canine Academy Facebook page. Most special events are 90-minute workshops. The grounds can be rented for private play sessions or parties. Please request well in advance.


Make a Payment (Venmo preferred)

Payment can be made via Venmo or PayPal anytime before the day of class. Payments made on the day of class should be made by check or cash. Payments can be made using Venmo (preferred). A Venmo account is required. See How to Sign Up for a Personal Venmo account. You can also make a payment using PayPal with a debit card, credit card, or a PayPal account anytime before the day of class. A PayPal account is not required.

Use the form below to make a payment by entering the name of the class, workshop, special event, a private lesson or troubleshooting visit. Enter the total amount less any discount. Add any additional charges for private lessons, which are $75.00 per session. In-home, local visits may also available for a small additional charge. Written lesson plans are available for a $25 additional charge. Select a method of payment. Venmo is preferred.

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